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Cherry Festival 2006

This site, which has been in continuous existence since 1995, is devoted in its entirety to interests of mine that I wish to share with others. Photography is a passion of mine, and I have a lot of photographs of natural areas in Florida and North Carolina. Running off at the mouth is another passion, and you'll find my commentary on lots of things in The Nittany Turkey. I wrote a book about my experience with total hip replacement, and I've published it on this site. Finally, I created a site for all the fine people who share the Goldfarb surname. Enjoy your visit!

What's New
September 23, 2009

Hey! An update!

I know it's been two years. I guess I figured that Facebook keeps most of you who are interested in my life pretty much up to date.

Recently, I had a weird thing happen: a bear ate my bird of paradise plant. Jenny did some research on the web and couldn't find anything relevant, but we're pretty sure that's what happened. The story is published here on the site.

In other news, it's football season once again, so if you're even remotely interested in college football in general and Penn State in particular, read The Nittany Turkey.