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Everglades Camping Trip - April 2009


Jenny and I were going to head down to South Florida to attend my family's Passover dinner and we decided to combine that with a camping trip. Being spring break, most of the popular state parks were jammed, but we found a nice spot in a sparsely populated campground in the isolated Everglades National Park at the southern tip of the Florida peninsula. We also made a brief stop en route from the Everglades to Ft. Lauderdale at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park on Key Largo, which turned out to be a zoo, as expected.

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Northwest Passage II - January 2009


It was my bright idea to hike in both Wekiwa Springs State Park and Rock Springs Run State Reserve. Only thing is, they're separated by a river. Nevertheless, troupers that they are, Jenny, RD, and Cosmo agreed to my plan. On the coldest day of the year, we did an approximately 8.5 mile hike, including fording the intervening stream.

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Longleaf Pines Preserve (reprise) - January 2009


Our hiking group did not have enough of Longleaf, so we went back. This time, we did the 11-mile linear trail from the east trailhead to the west. Of course, those who did not read my preview were not aware that there would be a half-mile of slogging through standing water. Nevertheless, everybody made it.

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Longleaf Pines Preserve - January 2009


It was a glorious day for a hike -- spring weather in Central Florida. Jenny, RD, and I did a nice six mile hike in one of Volusia County's newest public areas.

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Hontoon Island State Park - December 2008


"This is not mid-December weather!" Well, it was 80 degrees and the sun was shining. One couldn't have asked for a better day for a short hike around Hontoon Island, visiting the shell mound and just generally having a nice stroll in the park. Hontoon Island has no fees, and there is free shuttle service across the St. Johns River.

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Seminole State Forest - October 2008


Because my hiking buddies all had something better to do, I took a solo hike through Seminole State Forest on this mild, sunny fall day, combining Geocache maintenance with a nature walk. I did about 10 miles through lots of different types of ecosystems.

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North Carolina - July 2008


Summer is heat stroke time in Central Florida. Thus, Jenny and I decided to escape the heat for a few days in the mountains of North Carolina, hiking and enjoying the scenery in the Linville Gorge and the Black Mountains.

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Pennsylvania - June 2008


I took a two-week vacation in June, traveling to the old homeland of Pennsylvania, where I had grown up. Thanks to the generous offer of his sister's camp by RD, I stayed in northwestern PA for several days in the heart of the Allegheny National Forest, then traveled east to the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, and finally, mooched a week's lodging off old friends Joe and Judy in the Pottsville area in northeastern PA. I did a lot of hiking, seeing a lot of waterfalls and mountain laurel. Here are the pictures!

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DuPuis WMA - March 2008

So listen up. Jenny and I had a camping weekend planned in the Everglades, but that blew up in our faces because of some ranger machinations, so we chose the DuPuis Wildlife Management Area near Lake Okeechobee, where we frolicked instead.

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Torreya State Park - January 2008


Jenny and I were going to camp at Torreya State Park for a few nights, but bitter cold, windy weather moved in just as we were arriving there in the Florida Panhandle, west of Tallahassee. So, we lodged in comfort and did our hiking in the daytime, for the most part. (Updated with Jenny's pictures on January 13, 2008.)

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St. George Island - January 2008


While the original plan was to spend all our time at Torreya, we decided to split our time between Torreya and St. George Island State Park. It was too damn cold for primitive camping at Torreya, but by the time we got to St. George, the weather was terrific. Thus, we spent two nights doing primitive camping there, at St. George Island, a barrier island in Apalachicola Bay, the Gulf of Mexico. It was a nice change of scenery and circumstances. (Updated with Jenny's photos on January 13, 2008.)

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Merritt Island NWR - December 2007


On a cool morning in December, the group went forth to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge to see the birds. Only thing was that the group consisted of Jenny and me because everybody else bailed out! This is the last hike before Christmas, so Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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JennyFor Jenny to review pictures.
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Lake Woodruff NWR Pix by Jenny - January 2007


Jenny borrowed a camera to provide her unique, photojournalistic perspective of our hike at Lake Woodruff NWR. These are her pictures and comments.

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St. Francis - January 2007


Choose 'em, comment on 'em, and let me know when done!

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Vacation PhotosA catch-all category for anything taken while I'm out of town on vacation.
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Steelers-Ravens Trip - Sept 2004


After all these hurricanes and stuff, I was happy to get an invitation from friends David and Catherine to come up to the D.C. area to visit with them and catch the Steelers-Ravens game. Although the game was a semi-disaster for my beloved Steelers--for which I took my share of crap from Ravens fans--it was nevertheless a fun visit. I got to meet little Isaac for the first time. At the risk of making this gallery look like the David and Catherine's web site, which has 12,375.7356 pictures of Isaac, I took a bunch of pictures of him when he wasn't screaming his head off. Oh, and there are Hooters pictures here, too.

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New York City - Oct 2004


Still hurricane weary, I needed another quick getaway. I called my cousin in New York, who agreed to put up with me for a weekend. In this album, we have New York flora, fauna, sights, and, of course, waitress and bartender pictures. (Sorry, no Hooters pictures--I didn't make it to the Hooters on 57th Street.)

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Pennsylvania - July 2006


I headed north for a week or so to take the edge off the Florida summer heat, renting a cabin at Prince Gallitzin State Park in Central Pennsylvania. I enjoyed my week there and spent some time in Altoona (city of my birth), State College (where I attended Penn State University), and Pittsburgh (where I lived until age 14), as well.

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Steelers-Ravens Trip - November 2005


As an annual tradition, my football pilgrimmage to the Washington, DC area has several important features: 1) I get to see friends David and Catherine and Baby Isaac, 2) I get to see the Steelers lose in Baltimore every damn time I've seen them play there, and 3) I get to make the all-important post-game beer stop at Hooters at Baltimore's Inner Harbor. (Yes, Hooters photo fans, this time I've photographed Miss Ami.) All in all it makes for a nice one-day getaway and I can breathe a little cooler air for a change (except in Hooters). These are pictures from this year's edition--also featuring the Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders.

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Steelers-Ravens - November 2006


Ahhh, the annual trip to Baltimore to watch the Steelers lose. You heard that correctly, folks. Every time I go to this game in Baltimore, the Ravens soundly defeat the Steelers. Even two years ago, when the Steelers went 15-1, this was the one game they lost. I was there. Last year, they went to the Super Bowl. They lost this game. I was there. This year, they have been off to a rotten start but thing had been looking up with two straight wins. They lost this game 27-0. I was there. Perhaps the Steelers will pay me to stay home next year!

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North Carolina May '04Photos taken during a hiking trip to Asheville, N.C., in May 2004 with R.D. Thrush and his faithful dog Cosmo.
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Vancouver Island, Sept. 2003I visited beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia during September 2003. After arriving in Vancouver and meeting my friend Barb, we took the ferry to Victoria, where she lives, and had a week of fun and exploration.
1 48
Florida - Nov. 2003First, a trip to the southwest coast, including Sanibel and Captiva Islands, and the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. Then, over to South Beach for some price gouging. Finally, we return to central Florida for a cruise on the St. John's River.
3 66
North Carolina - Oct. 2003Photos taken during the swing through the south with Barb. We visited some of my favorite spots in North Carolina.
2 43
North Carolina - June 2003A spring getaway to the mountains of North Carolina included stops at Craggy Gardens, Mount Mitchell, and Roan Mountain (Tennessee).
1 24
Northern California - November 2002I spent a week or so in the San Francisco Bay area seeing the city, hiking, and visiting friends in November 2002.
2 91
North Carolina 2002In June 2002, I visted Linville Falls, North Carolina with some rock climbing friends. I'm not a rock climber, but I was there to enjoy some hiking in the mountains while the crag climbers did their thing. I liked the Linville Gorge area so much that I made an excuse to return to North Carolina less than two weeks later, this time visiting Stone Mountain State Park.
3 82
California-Nevada Dec. 2001This was my first hiking trip out west after my hip replacement operation
3 57
California-Nevada Dec. 2000I stopped in Newport Beach for a few days, then went on to Las Vegas. No Las Vegas pictures here, but we have Rhyolite covered. Also included is a backend tour of San Diego Wild Animal Park.
4 91
Penn State VisitsThrough the years, I have usually managed to get to State College most years to visit with friends Joe and Judy and catch a Nittany Lion football game. Some of these trips are chronicled here through my photography.
1 38
Hiking and Geocaching PhotosI've been a hiking fool ever since getting my bum hip replaced in 2001. In 2003, I got interested in the sport of geocaching, which has inspired many hiking excursions.
29 726
Geocaching 2004

geocachin - 11.jpg

The sport of geocaching involves using a handheld GPS device to locate hidden caches at locations determined by reading information at the Geocaching web site. Friend R.D. and I like to combine the task of finding caches with getting some fresh air and putting some mileage on our hiking boots. Frequently, supergeodog Cosmo comes along to harass whatever domestic and wild animals we meet along the way. So far, he hasn't been eaten by an alligator.

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Seminole State Forest 5-7-04


On May 7, 2004, Mike Geldner, Finley "Dick" Taylor, and I hiked from the south end of the Seminole State Forest to the north end, using the Florida National Scenic Trail. These are the pictures.

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Wekiwa Springs State Park


About four miles from my house is a wonderful Florida state park called Wekiwa Springs. It has something for everyone: a constant temperature spring for swimming, 13 miles of hiking trails, an eight mile equestrian trail, and some of the prettiest canoeing in Florida on Rock Springs Run and the Wekiva River. Join me for a look at the park and its denizens.

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Famous Water Hikes 2003

water hikes 2003 - 05.jpg

On New Year's Eve 2003, the skies opened up around Orlando. Four inches of rain were recorded in the drier spots. It followed, then, that the hiking trails would be a bit wet two days later, but we didn't anticipate the true extent of the wetness until we got there. The water was waist deep in a lot of places and over our heads in others. These are photos from what has been the Famous Water Hike, among others.

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Bulow Plantation and Forest 2002


In the 1830s it was a thriving sugar plantation. However, it was sacked by the Seminoles in the Second Seminole War. The ruins of the sugar mill, which was built of sturdy coquina stone, are all that remain today. The main plantation house was wooden, and it did not survive the fire. In the woods surrounding the plantation site, the Florida Trail Association has created a scenic trail through hardwood hammocks and pine woods. Please take a look at my photos of the ruins and of the trail.

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Econolockhatchee River (Little Big Econ State Forest)


I'm doing a lot of walking in the woods these days. Not far from my house is the Little/Big Econ State Forest. From the trail head near Barr Street off State Road 426 in Oviedo, Florida, you can pick up a segment of the Florida National Scenic Trail. The Econolockhatchee River, its tannin stained shores, and its undeveloped environment are the attractions here. Who needs theme parks? Take a look at this nice stretch of wilderness.

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Cachin' in the Canaveral Marshes


The sun was shining, the morning was cool and bug-free, and the geocacher named moochie (Deb) set out with me to find a bunch of caches that were on her list. I was appointed as overrover's surrogate for the day. We wound up spending the day hiking to one cache on a day that would include the Splendor in the Grass Bushwhack and The Great Canaveral Cattle Stampede. This area is so remote that not long after we did our hike, another hiker had to be rescued via helicopter. (Actually, it is not that remote, but getting a helicopter in there is a helluva lot easier than hacking through all that tall grass.)

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Disney Preserve 2000


I grabbed my camera and took a hike in the Disney Wilderness Preserve. Owned and managed by The Nature Conservancy, the Disney Wilderness Preserve is a 12,000-acre area managed to allow natural processes to occur at their own pace--a "hands-off" approach. Take a look at some of the "stuff" I found there.

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Cachin' in the Ocala National Forest


Pressed into service as an emergency surrogate for the legendary hiddenrock (for geocaching only), I joined the equally legendary overrover for a hike on the Ocala National Forest in the interest of a little Saturday afternoon geocaching diversion. A bit of research showed that there was a cache up in the Juniper Springs Recreation Area that had been sitting there unfound for a couple of weeks. Our mission was to bag First to Find honors for that cache. An eight mile hike with some dead ends and detours yielded paydirt. We got there first and had a fun afternoon in the forest, besides.

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Muir Woods 1997?


Everyone who visits the San Francisco Bay Area should take a peaceful walk in this wonderful redwood forest. You might even encounter the famous Dick Tree. Back, by popular demand! See A Walk in Muir Woods!

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Wekiwa Springs Park Redux


Friend RD, his dog, Cosmo, and I wanted to do some primitive camping, doing the whole backpacking number, etc. With Wekiwa Springs Park being close by, it was a natural. Only thing was, a couple of monkey wrenches got thrown into the works. First, the primitive campsite wasn't available when we wanted it; then, they told us that dogs weren't allowed in primitive camps in Florida state parks. They offered us a family campsite instead. Dogs are allowed there. Not exactly a primitive experience, but at least it afforded us the opportunity to get out on the hiking trails early in the morning.

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Cachin' by the Econ River


It was a beautiful winter Sunday in January 2005 as the geocachers known as moochie, bob, zbeard, and me, CondoMax, along with Cosmo the GeoMutt, set out for a geocaching hike in the Little Big Econ State Forest, which is one of my favorite Central Florida scenic areas. On weekdays, the forest is relatively quiet, but on weekends, the gators and wild hogs run for cover as great hordes of hikers, bikers, and equestrians come out to play.

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People PicturesRecent photos of visits with people and so forth.
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Thanksgiving 2006


The 2006 Thanksgiving feast was hosted by Marc & Jen, their first foray into the family Thanksgiving hosting morass. Aside from the Great Chopped Liver Fiasco of 2006, which was beyond their control, they fared very well. These are pictures of the participants, ranging in age from 2 to 86.

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BMW Performance Center Delivery


BMW North America provides a new car delivery option that is a refreshing change from dealer delivery. Customers who choose Performance Center Delivery are given driving instruction on the test track at the Greer, SC (Greenville-Spartanburg area) facility followed by a tour of the assembly plant where X5s and Z4s are built. During the course of the day, the customer's car is delivered. These photos depict my experience with BMW Performance Center Delivery on July 29, 2005, when I got my new M3.

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Misc. Nature PicturesNature photography from my files.
7 139
Birds of Florida 2002


Bird pictures taken at the Tosohatchee State Reserve, Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, and Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge (Sanibel Island).

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Birds of Florida 2003


Another collection of bird photos taken in Central and South Florida.

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Birds of Florida 2004 (with humans, crabs, etc.)


Yes, the 2004 edition of Birds of Florida is here for your viewing pleasure. Not only do we have birds, but also we have crabs, people, and crabby people. Oh, and there a partially submerged alligator in there, too. Take a look at photos of the fauna of Florida taken on a hot, lazy August afternoon.

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Merritt Island - Nov 2004


Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge is about a 45 minute drive from my house. It is a great place to observe wildlife, particularly birds. Although this particular late November day was windy with fewer birds presenting themselves than the norm, I came back with a few good pictures. Included is the feeding dance of the reddish egret, which I find entertaining.

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Lunar Eclipse - 27 Oct 2004


I was torn between watching the fourth and deciding game of the World Series and watching the lunar eclipse. It turned out that I could do both at the same time. The next lunar eclipse will be in 2007, so I thought I better capture this one. All photos were shot with a Nikon D100 with 300mm f/4 AF-Nikkor.

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Wekiwa Springs State Park - Flowers, Butterflies, and Fungi


After a long, hot summer, which had negatively impacted my time in the woods, I waited for the first sign of fall to take a long walk in the Wekiwa Springs State Park, which is about four miles from my house. I knew that the fall wildflowers would be in bloom.

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Alcantarea Imperialis - My Giant Bromeliad Blooms!


I was advised by bromeliad people in the know that I am very lucky to have an Alcantarea Imperialis (formerly known as Vriesea Imperialis) that was blooming. This plant requires 15-20 years to mature to the blooming stage. When it blooms, it is spectacular! The inflorescence is now over seven feet high. This might be a common site in Brazilian rain forests, but not in my entry courtyard! Before it bloomed, I coursed the Web for good photos of Alcantarea Imperialis in bloom and found the pickings to be very slim. Thus, I'm happy to share my photos with all of you. (I've gratuitously included pictures of some of my other plants at the end, just because.)

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Old People PicturesPictures of old people or old pictures of people, damnit!
6 114
Penn State 1964-1965


These 40 year-old Penn State pictures are probably of interest only to those pictured. That year, we all lived in East Hall E, third floor, which was known as Crawford House. (Floors in the dorms were named after Pennsylvania's counties.) Having languished in a shoe box for all those years, I was quite surprised to find that the 35mm transparencies were in great shape. Well, as great as they could possibly be, in view of the recollection that the photographer was frequently inebriated while pursuing his photographic subjects.

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Ben's Childhood Pictures


Just in case anybody really thinks it is cute to see baby pictures of an old fart like me, here they are! I dug up some old pictures of me from the period 1946 to 1954. Who wants to see them? If you think the 1964 picture of me in my "who am I" page is old, wait until you see these! (And for those of you who come here and bitch to my guest book about all the pictures of me, caught ya looking!)

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Pictures from My Old Web Site


Some of these actually date back to my UCF days. I left there in May 1996, and pictures of my going away party are included here. Having recently found these old pictures, which were buried under layers of dust, I thought it was time to reprise them. I would say that the period involved was 1983 - 1997. Enjoy!

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My First Photo Album


The seminal work: my first photo album, the one that started it all! It consisted of a few pieces of paper torn out of a spiral bound notebook with pictures pasted to them and bound together with string. I was about eight years old at that point--I remember getting my first camera for my eighth birthday. (I've sure as hell taken a lot of pictures in the 50 years since then.) All photos in this album were taken with my $20 Ansco camera.

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Bahamas 1972-1976


From November 1972 to April 1976, I worked for Loew's Hotels first as Assistant Controller, then as Controller of Loew's Paradise Island Hotel & Villas. Here are some pictures of me and my friends and associates in Nassau during that period.

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Pictures of Grandpa Cohn


In response to a request from a possible relative (we're not sure), I'm posting some pictures of my grandfather, Harry L. Cohn of Altoona, Pennsylvania, who is not the Harry Cohn of movie mogul fame. Harry was the second son of Benjamin Cohn, a descendent of the Kavarsky lineage in Russia. Benjamin Cohn founded Independent Oil Company in Pennsylvania, which was eventually sold to what is now Exxon-Mobil. Harry Cohn, born October 19, 1892 married Emma Lydia Marx of Braddock, Pennsylvania in 1918 or 1919. Harry died on December 7, 1961 at the age of 69.

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The Fluor ProjectMuch of my time in 1998 and 1999 was spent commuting to Aliso Viejo, California, where I participated in the design and oversaw the build-out of the voice/data networking infrastructure for Fluor Corporation. These are pictures of some of the people and of the project.
2 48
Fluor People Pictures


Some of the people I met during my consulting project for Fluor Corporation in Aliso Viejo, California, in 1998-1999.

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Fluor Project Pictures


Pictures taken during construction and equipment installations at the Fluor Corporation headquarters in Aliso Viejo, California, in 1998-99.

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House PicturesPictures of--what else?--my house!
2 60
Original House Pictures


Take a virtual tour through my house. These are obsolete. Look at the updated ones instead!

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Updated Pictures


Finally! The living room and dining room are substantially complete, so I have updated their pictures. I have also updated the master bedroom and bar pictures. Take a virtual tour through my house.

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