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RD and Jenny search for an elusive Geocache308 viewsI forgot to get the quintessential beginning of hike photo, so this must suffice.
Cow skull275 viewsI forgot to take a picture of this on the way in, so I got one on the way out.
The turtle has leeches214 viewsIt appears to be a Florida Chicken Turtle (Deirochelys reticularia chrysea).The leeches were attached to the carapace right in front of the turtle's retracted face. We thought that the leeches had to be pretty stupid to hook up there, because they sure as hell wouldn't be getting much blood in that location.
Cosmo wants to get moving210 viewsHe really wanted to invoke ISAG Rule #1, which states that if it isn't found in 15 minutes, it ain't gonna be found, but he doubted that anyone in this group had the intelligence to speak and comprehend Doglish.
A deformed pine frames Jenny's face210 viewsShe informed us that an obscure tree disease causes this odd growth pattern.
Leech removal209 viewsThe county folks were equipped to engage in leech removal. A specimen was taken for identification by Miss Boa Vista back at the lab.
Hooded pitcher plant in bloom207 viewsLate bloom, that is. The petals have fallen off the flower.
RD and Jenny continue their search204 viewsI don't remember this one being quite this difficult when I found it.
Wider view of the pitcher plant202 viewsThis is a carnivorous plant, although it seemed pretty friendly to humans. However, we remained vigilant, just in case it decided to pull a weapon on us. I've seen better specimens of pitcher plants, but I didn't want to say that out loud, lest it eat me.
Some of Jenny's colleagues drive up200 viewsWe shared the turtle with them, as they are biologists. It was a nice day to take a six mile hike with frequent stops to converse with Jenny's colleagues and bosses who happened by.
Jenny picks up the turtle199 viewsPointing to the turtle, I said to Jenny, "You know what you have to do." So, she picked it up to examine it and pose it for my photo. It wasn't too happy about being picked up, which it expressed by emitting a copious stream of turtle urine all over Jenny. However, she survived the assault.
Cow skull lashed to tree191 viewsFrom a bygone era when this land was used for grazing, no doubt. The skull was lashed to the tree with some old, rusty barbed wire--probably some kind of marker for hunters who prowled the property.
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