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Unique Marriage201 viewsHere we see an oak tree that has taken root on and around a sabal palm. I had never seen anything quite like it.
Official Z_Statman Landing Zone Marker291 viewsWas this some kind of illicit drop zone? It was in the wilderness, not close to anything in particular. We later found out what it was for.
Old, Rusty Bathtub--Many Are Found in the Canaveral Marshes172 viewsWe encountered the son of the man who owns the cattle who graze on the property. He explained the use of the old bathtubs, which were used to feed molasses to the cattle in the winter time. They have since been abandoned and replaced by blue plastic tubs.
Beef for the Buzzards168 viewsThis cow did not make it. The other cows blamed moochie for their friend's demise. She was concerned that having taken it personally, they would attempt retribution on us.
Moochie's Friends, the Killer Cows198 viewsDeb was uneasy with a whole field of cows marching in unison toward us.
Moochie Initiates the Bushwhack179 viewsIt didn't look like it would be too hard to cut a diagonal to the cache, so we headed out into the marsh. (Moochie wanted to get away from the cattle.) The grass kept getting higher and higher and our feet kept getting wetter and wetter. Eventually, we were hacking our way through grass that was four or five feet tall, and tough as asparagus. Moreover, there were fire ant mounds a foot high nestled in the grass. Boy, did this turn out to be fun!!!
A Look Back at the Cattle after Retracing Our Steps240 viewsThe Bushwhack turned out to be The Bushwhack of Death II, so we backtracked to the cows, which by that time were preferable to further bushwhacking. Here, they once again ask us whether we're going to feed them, or get the hell out of their space.
What Happens to the Cows That Go Byebye173 viewsThe buzzards pick them clean. This was around the area known to me as Hog Alley, where we startled a family of wild hogs, who in turn startled us.
Gator with a Nose Job265 viewsWhen we eventually got to the area of the cache, we found this six or seven foot alligator guarding the loot. He was a handsome reptile, but apparently I wasn't up to my usual, fine photographic technique. Basic rule #1: get the entire subject into the frame! I was juggling my camera, my hat, my glasses, my hiking stick, and my GPSr. So, I cut Mr. Gator's nose out of the picture.
Bridge over the Canal263 viewsThe canal was low enough to wade across. However, the gator guards were ever vigilant. We decided that the bridge was the better choice.
Debbie Does Dallas261 viewsI don't know what the title has to do with the picture. This is Deb, who had already finished her traversal of the bridge when I asked her to go back on the bridge and pose.
Another Bathtub264 viewsThis bathtub was at the end of the bridge on Cow Island. The cache is about 50 feet away.
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