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Last additions - Everglades Camping Trip - April 2009
We Bid Farewell to the Keys624 viewsThis awning at the Card Sound bridge says it all.Apr 11, 2009
The Snorkling Area by the Reef516 viewsApr 11, 2009
Jenny Amuses a Gift Shop Clerk in the Park550 viewsJuanita was not amused by my photography, though.Apr 11, 2009
Beach at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park467 viewsApr 11, 2009
Yet another closed tower487 viewsApr 11, 2009
Jen and Ben at the Beach503 viewsDoesn't look like beach clothing, but that's because the temps were in the 60s.Apr 11, 2009
Can't get there from here507 viewsApr 11, 2009
Closed Observation Tower access488 viewsApr 11, 2009
Neighbor's kite119 viewsI almost stole it, but his dogs grabbed the other end of the string and wouldn't let go. I figured it had just washed up on the beach or something.Apr 11, 2009
At John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park116 viewsWe stopped there for a little intermezzo between the Everglades and my family. This state park on Key Largo was a crowded zoo, but we wanted to have a look. It was too damn cold to snorkel without a wet suit, so we didn't swim. We decided to go to the observation towers, but both were closed for repairs.Apr 11, 2009
glades-1050.jpg a tent.120 viewsNo TV to watch in the evening, so we make our own entertainment!Apr 11, 2009
...and a camera...112 viewsApr 11, 2009
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