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White Things104 viewsI don't know what they are10/06/07 at 14:29: Taylor's wildflower book calls these "Tre...
Another View of the Rapids99 views03/28/06 at 05:50Guest_candra: i dont like park
Blue-Eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium atlanticum)90 views03/20/06 at 15:32Guest_Susan: I like the composition of this one!
145 views02/10/06 at 06:07Guest_Anon:
Egret by Da River111 views01/19/06 at 10:52goldfarb: It is cool, even if I do say so myself!
Egret by Da River111 views01/19/06 at 09:43Guest_Susan: this is a cool shot: the river and sky meld into o...
Sunset over Lake Beauclair113 views01/05/06 at 15:35Guest_just here:
geocachin - 08.jpg
Cosmo Takes Aim172 viewsIn the middle of a large cow pasture stood one single bush. Cosmo decided that he would show it who's boss.01/05/06 at 15:28Guest_Anon:
One of the Better Bridges on the Bike Trails201 viewsThere are all kinds of bridges, both well engineered and improvised. Some of them are superfluous, too, except at rainy times of the year. Of course, when the river floods, they are superfluous, too, because they're under water. Here, moochie and zbeard traipse on whilst I lag behind taking crooked pictures.06/21/05 at 14:02CacheMonkeez: Nice bridge!
Official Z_Statman Landing Zone Marker188 viewsWas this some kind of illicit drop zone? It was in the wilderness, not close to anything in particular. We later found out what it was for.04/17/05 at 23:03Angelshigh: It's a section marker for aerial photography
Phoenix Takes a Bath262 viewsIt was so difficult to get Phoenix to make a cute pose lying down in the 40 degree water that this was the only shot I was able to get.04/09/05 at 02:15Margaret from Brazil: I loved this site, congratulations!!!
One Last Picture for Cosmo to Get Into229 viewsWhile moochie extricates herself from the crater left behind by the vacated roots, Cosmo looks on with great concern. He was thinking "where's the food?"03/04/05 at 14:28CM: Nice place for a cache!
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