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Triangle Cactus100 viewsThose quills break off easily. At one point, I felt something stabbing my foot as we walked along. Turned out that one of those quills had gone right through the sole of my shoe. Dangerous shit!
Jenny thought this was a manchineel tree98 viewsShe recoils in horror.
American Crocodile99 viewsThe southern tip of Florida is the northernmost habitat for the rare American Crocodile. Here, one suns himself, while striking a pose for my photojournalistic pleasure.
Black-necked Stilts98 viewsAt the Eco Pond.
Wild Pineapple95 viewsWe took our evening hike on the Christian Point trail, which leads to Snake Bight. According to hiking sage Johnny Molloy, this was supposed to be a strenuous trail; however, we found it to be another easy walk in the park. I suspect that it would be rather difficult in the rainy season due to mud and inundation.
More Bromeliads96 viewsOn the Christian Point Trail.
Mangrove forest99 viewsThis would normally be underwater, but this is a particularly dry year and this is the height of the dry season.
Christian Point Trail110 viewsThis one also leads to Snake Bight, but through marl prairies and mangroves. We did this as our late afternoon hike. It was about 4.5 miles.
Salty Mangroves101 views
Jenny in the Mangroves104 views
Twisted Remains of a Box Elder103 viewsLots of the box elders were killed by the salt intrusion brought about by hurricanes Katrina and Wanda in 2005.
What happens when you combine a bottle of scotch...111 views
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