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Jenny and RD prepare for the water crossing179 viewsBig Buck Camp
Cosmo sticks his tongue out142 views
RD carefully protected his electronic equipment141 viewsA wise idea. I had scouted the spring run on Tuesday and my assessment was that the water was no higher than knee-deep. Oops. It was more like waist deep.
Matching sandals144 viewsJenny and RD had the right idea. I, of course, was the idiot who brought my snake boots, which are 16" high. Only thing is, the water was more like 46" high.
I went first, and RD and Jenny followed149 viewsOnly thing is...look on the other bank...there's Cosmo, whining at us the he didn't want to cross.
Dog just refused to cross144 views
Jenny goes back across to cajole Cosmo to come with us141 viewsNo dice!
Look! There's your "daddy"...(oy!)150 viewsCosmo still wasn't convinced. So, we had to send "daddy" for him.
Of course, "Daddy" stuck his foot in a hole and damn near wiped out140 views
As Cosmo watches, RD crosses the stream to get him145 views
Cosmo stands on dry land wondering what these idiots are doing in the cold water.142 views
Now, Cosmo seems to think he's safe139 viewsDaddy is here and we can go back the way we came. Oops...that's not how it works. Dog must go where we go.
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