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Manhandling the turtle138 viewsOr womanhandling, as it were.
The pissed-off turtle with one evidentiary leech removed136 viewsThe consensus agreed that the turtle was pissed off at us. We knew that already, because it pissed ON Jenny.
Jenny points out an "on/off" switch141 viewsThere was no electricity around to power this fine Sears specimen. The new group camping shelter, possible site of a future Geocaching event, is seen in the background.
A whelk shell in the middle of nowhere140 viewsLong ago and far away, this was on the ocean floor, possibly not far away, even.
Group camping area140 viewsI was directed to take this picture because Jenny's SD card wasn't working properly in her camera. So I did.
Interesting natural feature142 viewsJenny and RD approach some very tall, slim, rusty looking trees, arranged in long rows with neatly arranged vines connecting them at the top.
The roots of the rusty trees139 viewsNote the saprophytic vine attached to the hexagonal burl at the base.
I pose by the rusty trees while Jenny sings our national anthem141 views...and the hooooooooooome......ofda..........braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave! Woo Hoo!
Jenny, with the tall, skinny trees154 viewsThis is looking southeast. The tall, skinny, rusty tree grove cuts a swath through the property.
Jenny's boss arrives unexpectedly172 viewsWe told turtle tales, discussed Geocaching, talked about a future event, dissed poachers, and generally enjoyed a respite in the hiking. We had several such respites.
Cow skull275 viewsI forgot to take a picture of this on the way in, so I got one on the way out.
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